The Art of Introspection

Imagine a life where you embrace your full potential,and live an authentic existence

This is an inquiry into your life experience, body sensations, feelings, and emotions. It is a journey that will support you with a sense of wholeness, confidence, and personal power through practices that incorporate embodiment, mindset work, and hands-on action.

It is a safe space for you to explore and reveal your truth. My intention is to bring compassion, respect, and acceptance by giving you the opportunity to express what is true for you.

I believe that you were born with wisdom and answers within your own body, and I will help you bring them to light.

My work is trauma informed and it’s based on practices like embodiment, sound therapy, positive Intelligence and it takes into account your specific situation, your belief systems, and performance goals.

We all have the capacity to awaken our inner knowing and experience increased awareness, peace, and balance with the support of a caring guide.

we will feel,explore & take action

Together we will identify your blocks and limiting beliefs.Understand your triggers and start taking aligned action. 

I will help you stay accountable to yourself, feel better about yourself, and reach your full potential by helping you get clear, make tasks easier, and make room for action.

My work is focused on being yourself. I am here to help you reach your goals through discovery and action, talking, feeling and taking steps that support your growth.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM a coaching session

Discover What’s Holding You Back

Our first meeting will be a strategy/clarity session where we find where we are and where we want to go and together lay out a road map. I will work with you to create a program that is tailored to your specific needs. Each of my sessions combines body awareness, mindset work, and hands-on action.

For mindset work, I use the Positive Intelligence program at the start of our journey to get you started, as I believe that laying the right foundations for your mindset is critical for a successful journey, which is why I give this program for free when we begin working together.

Positive intelligence mental fitness

Discover What’s Holding You Back

The Positive Intelligence program will help you change the way you think about life and all of the obstacles, stresses, irritations, and doubts that we face every day.

It has the potential to result in long-term good behavior changes as well as significant improvements in happiness, productivity, and personal relationships. It’s just as helpful at work and in your career as it is at home and in your personal life.

I am licensed to use the Positive Intelligence technique with my clients via their online, app-based training platform. This program, I believe, has the power to be a life-changing experience, providing you with self-awareness that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

I believe that laying the right foundations for your mindset is critical for a successful journey, which is why I want to give you this program for free when we begin working together (valued at $990).


Your first 90 min Clarity session only for £85

Together, we will explore and set clear intentions, move beyond self-doubt, cultivate resilience, and you will be able to show up fully in your life.